“A piece of magic is a hat.”

— Martha Sliter

I make hats because I want to put beautiful things into the world and help people connect their inner magic with what they can present on the top of their heads.  I have been a milliner since 2002 and I love the connections I get to make with people, being a part of your celebratory events that hats help mark, and working with really luxe materials.  And I mean luxe...

A stint in NYC lead me to the millinery program at FIT and I knew at the first fabric beret we made that I had found my passion.  After completing two years of classes, I quit my day job and worked around the millinery world for several years.  Experiencing hats through theater, large production, high fashion, and finally couture in the city was a great opportunity to learn and hone in on what I do well.

“It’s a small apartment, I’ve barely enough room to lay my hat and a few friends.”

— Dorothy Parker


I love how colors and patterns play with each other, I never want to do the same thing twice, and I am constantly adding new skills into my arsenal to make your hats custom and unique.  In 2008, I moved back to Dallas and have been making hats in the Bishop Art's District ever since.  In the spring time the studio is all Kentucky Derby hats and I bring out my couture hand sewing skills to make custom racing hats for women all over the country.  It is a bucket list trip for most of my clients and I aim for the hat to be the icing on the cake and as non stressful as possible for this super fun event.  In May, we pull out all the straws to make off the shelf sun hats and panama fedoras that have a quirk of style and keep our faces protected from that intense summer sun.  Once things cool off, I block mens and womens velour felt fedoras in a range from classic off the shelf, to as ornate and custom as your heart desires.  My medium is rabbit fur velour which is not as scratchy as wool and not as stiff as a beaver felt hat.  This will not feel like your Stetson but will mold to your headsize and have a plush finish.  

I adopted a mantra half way though my career that this is not science, it is art. No two hats turn out exactly the same and you get the best hat when you allow some room for the materials to do what they want to do.  The beauty of hats is that they are wearable sculptures on your head. This is not a factory operation but a craftsman based business striving to maintain traditional high quality service in a modern world. The House of MacGregor works with clients on fit and individual design to help bring their personal style to the outside.

“If a woman rebels against high–heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat.”

— George Bernard Shaw