More custom Derby hats for 2019...

A few more custom hats that I’ve been finishing up in the studio as Derby Day gets closer!

This one is being paired with a gorgeous leopard and rose dress.

This one with white plumage is being paired with the prettiest lavender dress.

Oh this old thing? Skirting the edge of being ridiculously big, it’s somehow also practical. Take the trim off after the Derby and you have 9″ brim sun hat!

If you weren’t able to get a custom hat made, no worries! I am happy to text or email you photos of the hats we currently have in stock that are ready to go. Please check out my previous blog posts, my Facebook page or Instagram page as I’m keeping those updated with current inventory as well. I’m also available to schedule appointments if you would like to come in, fall in love with a hat, then go find your dress!!