How far out are we cancelling events???

Is the derby happening? Welcome to the elephant in my room…I am concerned and taking the same health precautions as the rest of y’all right now and, like all small business owners, am judging the financial risks too. Hat makers across the country are really kept afloat by one big event, the Kentucky Derby. While we can’t predict the state of affairs by May, I am taking the approach to get those custom hat orders in ASAP so we can get all the supplies into the studio in Dallas and I can get you in your dream hat. If worse comes to worse, you already have your look for next year…

I will be by appointment the week of March 16th while my kids are off for spring break and we have a week to see where this is headed. I am completely available to email pictures back and forth and send videos of our current stock. A little retail therapy might cheer us all up! Please email me any questions or text me at 214-942-1966.

Thank you and wash your hands!