HoM Core


I spent a chunk of time in August seeking inspiration for the fall line and had to keep digging until I landed on the ideas that felt authentic to now. HoM Core is the end result. What kind of fashion are we wearing at this moment and what is necessary clothing? We dress because it uplifts us and helps broadcast our inner being to the outside world but that outside world has become a little bit more narrow. The things that are my core in Fall of 2020….walking the dog in the autumn sun, coffee shop to go runs, socially distanced happy hours on our street, these are asking for a different kind of hat than previous seasons.

I sank my sights into 3 shapes that are unisex and have universally looked good on everyone year after year. These are dependable styles that are safe to give as a gift, share with your partner, and are colored in earth tones to make us feel more rooted to this present. All are under $200 and shipping in the US is on me. This is the Fall 2020 line, let me know what you think!

If there are any styles you would like to try on in person, please send me a message. I have closed the Bishop Art’s retail location but we can make accommodations to discuss a custom hat or try on a shape you like before purchase. I have moved most of the business on line, please check out our Shopify page!