Hats in Inventory

We are moving into “fall in love with a hat, find a dress to match” time at the hat shop but we have quite a selection of hats in inventory ready to go! We have a few new ones in this week and my hat supplier reminded me that this is time to “be prepared to compromise” this close to the Derby. If you are still looking for a hat, we have plenty in stock! The more open you are to falling in love versus having a set idea in your head, the happier your hat shopping experience will be!

This mocha straw number with roses will make your decision easy! – $405

I make no secret that Jill Courtemanche is my millinery bestie and carrying her hats for the Derby gives us even more reasons to hang out. These are a few of her hats above and they would make a perfect addition to your race day fashion!

Let us know how we can help!