The Art of Hat Making

The Holidays Are Upon Us

I have had so much fun prepping our inventory for the holidays this year.  We have some amazingly soft Angora beanies and matching children’s berets, cashmere caps trimmed in vintage velvet, leather headbands in amazing colors, gift certificates, and our general inventory of fabulous hats.  All of our items are on Shopify for easy purchase and shipping but if your have any questions, please email me at  I’m here to make the seasonal shopping process be a little but easier this year!

HoM Core


I spent a chunk of time in August seeking inspiration for the fall line  and had to keep digging until I landed on the ideas that felt authentic to now.  HoM Core is the end result.  What kind of fashion are we wearing at this moment and what is necessary clothing?    We dress because it uplifts us and helps broadcast our inner being to the outside world but that outside world has become a little bit more narrow.  The things that are my core in Fall of 2020….walking the dog in the autumn sun, coffee shop to go runs, socially distanced happy hours on our street, these are asking for a different kind of hat than previous seasons.

I sank my sights into 3 shapes that are unisex and have universally looked good on everyone year after year.  These are dependable styles that are safe to give as a gift, share with your partner, and are colored in earth tones to make us feel more rooted to this present.  All are under $200 and shipping in the US is on me.  This is the Fall 2020 line, let me know what you think!

If there are any styles you would like to try on in person, please send me a message.  I have closed the Bishop Art’s retail location but we can make accommodations to discuss a custom hat or try on a shape you like before purchase.  I have moved most of the business on line, please check out our Shopify page!




Annual Hat Sale

If it’s the last Saturday in September, you can count on it being the HOM’s annual hat sale.  While we won’t be doing an in person event this year, the hats are all scheduled to go live on Shopify at 9 am 9/26.  I will also be posting some special instagram deals during the day ($25 headbands, $5 pocket squares, and $15 bows…it’s going to be good).  If you have any questions about hats you are looking at, feel free to call or text 21-942-1966.  I am always up for giving my opinion and if you’ve been a previous client, I have your head size written down.  We can either ship or do a porch pick up.  I think there are lots of good hats in this years sale that want to come home with you!



Derby Hat Sale….

Let this off Kentucky Derby year be your win.  I am featuring a selection of the hats we pre made for this year’s derby at crazy steals.  I never like to see them hang around for too long (or I won’t have room for new ideas) and would rather seem them on your heads than packed away in storage boxes.  If you always wanted one of our couture hats or are planning to go to the derby in a future year, don’t sleep on this one!  The sale hats do not come with boxes (unfortunately) and there will be minimal shipping added onto the larger hats.  Porch pick up is free as always!


House of MacGregor 3.0

After closing the Bishop Art’s location last month I took a few weeks to regroup and came to the conclusion that the best move in our current climate for the house of hats is in my own backyard. We are converting a detached garage into the new HOM and have I got a deal for you I am selling tickets to the hottest post corona brunch in town with Rob’s famous homemade bagels, oodles of mimosas, and @elliott_munoz photography on hand to capture your chic ness in the greenery of our backyard setting while you get the first peak at the new HOM. I will also be doing a drawing for a free men’s and women’s hat so even if you can’t make the party, you can still win a hat. All proceeds will go to the building of the new hat shop. Info and tickets are available on our Shopify page, link below. My new motto is “the house that friends built.”

Barn Raiser for the New HOM


I am so sad to say that we are closing the Bishop St. location and moving the hat shop into an at home studio for the time being.  We packed up all the hats over the 4th of July weekend and had a chance to reflect on how stunning that space has been!  The pride I feel when looking at Haylee Ryan’s beautiful mural in the courtyard, the way Stash Designs interior elevated the hats in a way they had deserved for years, and the sunlight pouring in from the sky light on the desk in the round is so hard to walk away from.  I had so many hopes for this next incarnation of the HOM and the memories I wanted to make with our clients and friends there.  It felt like I had just gotten everything up on the walls in mid February and then quarantine arrived in March.

I have a small business that really depends on the big horse racing events and weddings in the spring/summer to stay afloat.  Having those canceled has been devastating to the financials and the addition of 3 young kids at home for the foreseeable future has put a huge limitation on my time.  I know that so many other women around the world are feeling that pinch right now too.  The good news is that I am still in business.  The on line sales have been growing and I have been meeting a sweet group of clients in the sweltering heat (but safety) of our front yard.  I love my clients so much and have desperately missed meeting with you guys face to face.  I feed off the energy of collaborating with you all for your special occasions and that is part of the magic of making custom hats.

The social responsibility I have to be safe and not spread this virus more has weighed heavily on me.  My space is TINY at Bishop and the science has been consistent that enclosed air in tight quarters is not a good idea.  I don’t think we needed to be in such a bad spot four months in and I am pretty angry at people in positions of influence who turned mask wearing into a political act and not a public safety one.  I am watching my counterparts in other parts of the world return to some sort of normalcy and Texas seems to be moving in the opposite direction.  For the sake of our health and the economy, please wear a damn mask!  I want my kids to go back to school and my business to come back to life again.

If you haven’t checked out our Shopify site yet, please do!  It’s a great way to see what hats are available and the new styles that are out.  If you are a derby hat person, I am putting this entire current season at 30-50% off.  Tell a friend! I’ve NEVER done a discount like that and it is a great chance to pick up something fabulous while we are regrouping for a new year.  I will be posting new pictures for the rest of this month of inventory hats that are available.  I am still taking custom hat orders, making new summer hats, and working on the “hat home” studio.  Life demanded a pivot and I think making this move now is going to keep the HOM stronger and help me be more creative with the hats in the years to come.

If you live in the neighborhood and want to do a porch pick up, remember to enter PORCHPICKUP as a discount code in Shopify to remove the shipping.  I am available anytime to answer questions and give recommendations.  If you would like to try somethings on in person, we can make an appointment for a picnic table fitting!  Thank you all for your support during this crazy time, every sale is appreciated and you are helping to keep me in business.  Stay safe and stay in touch!  As you can see, we are still making people smile…even from home.


An interesting few months….

Well, it’s been an interesting few months but we are still making hats and incredibly grateful to all our wonderful clients that are keeping us in business right now.  Every sale counts, not just to keep the lights on but for the creative outlet that hat’s has always given me.  It’s become even more important and every hat I’ve made lately has a little “extra” in there because, there is no time like the present.  In adapting to this new world, our Shopify site has grown and been a really convenient source to purchase hats.  My actual studio space is so small it is currently remaining closed while we figure out the safest way to have people back in there.  I have derby hats up, headbands, summer hats, etc. ready to be sent to your heads.  Speaking of the derby, the rescheduled one is getting closer by the day.  Feel free too reach out via email or text with outfit ideas and I can send back hat ideas.  Contact info:


Documentation of the last few months from home!

A Re-Scheduled Kentucky Derby, a Pandemic, and Home Schooling Kids

I hope that everyone is staying home, staying safe, and washing their hands.  The hat shop is still making hats and I am sorting through what my home studio situation looks like with kids in tow.  On the plus side, maybe they will learn to sew and can put all my labels in!  If you ordered a Kentucky Derby hat, the race has been rescheduled to September 5th, which is great news.  The outfit you intended to wear in May will look perfect then too.  I worked diligently all through March to make sure we had everyone’s supplies in the studio for custom hats so no need to worry about materials not arriving, production will just be a little slower on my end.

We are re-imagining hat shop 2.0 in this age of social distancing.  Keep an eye out for a Shopify site in the next week to make on line ordering go smoother and perhaps a virtual hat class or two.  The easiest way to get updates is to follow us on Facebook or Instagram (the_house_of_macgregor) and you can always text me at 214-942-1966.  I am so grateful for your support!  Please stay safe-


How far out are we cancelling events???

Is the derby happening? Welcome to the elephant in my room…I am concerned and taking the same health precautions as the rest of y’all right now and, like all small business owners, am judging the financial risks too. Hat makers across the country are really kept afloat by one big event, the Kentucky Derby. While we can’t predict the state of affairs by May, I am taking the approach to get those custom hat orders in ASAP so we can get all the supplies into the studio in Dallas and I can get you in your dream hat. If worse comes to worse, you already have your look for next year…

I will be by appointment the week of March 16th while my kids are off for spring break and we have a week to see where this is headed.  I am completely available to email pictures back and forth and send videos of our current stock.  A little retail therapy might cheer us all up!  Please email me any questions or text me at 214-942-1966.

Thank you and wash your hands!


Custom Derby Hat Orders!

March has started off with a bang on custom derby hat orders, which is always welcome.  If you are planning on a custom hat for this May’s race, might I recommend ordering it in the next week or two.  Let’s be on the safe side and get all those supplies in the studio this month while the market’s are a little in flux.  Collaborating with clients on the right hat for their outfits is so invigorating and one of the best parts of this season.  Make an appointment to bring your dress by the studio!  You can pick the hat style you like and I will make it to match your dress.  I am available Tuesday- Saturday for appointments.