A Re-Scheduled Kentucky Derby, a Pandemic, and Home Schooling Kids

by Cassie

I hope that everyone is staying home, staying safe, and washing their hands.  The hat shop is still making hats and I am sorting through what my home studio situation looks like with kids in tow.  On the plus side, maybe they will learn to sew and can put all my labels in!  If you ordered a Kentucky Derby hat, the race has been rescheduled to September 5th, which is great news.  The outfit you intended to wear in May will look perfect then too.  I worked diligently all through March to make sure we had everyone’s supplies in the studio for custom hats so no need to worry about materials not arriving, production will just be a little slower on my end.

We are re-imagining hat shop 2.0 in this age of social distancing.  Keep an eye out for a Shopify site in the next week to make on line ordering go smoother and perhaps a virtual hat class or two.  The easiest way to get updates is to follow us on Facebook or Instagram (the_house_of_macgregor) and you can always text me at 214-942-1966.  I am so grateful for your support!  Please stay safe-